How it works


App:IC lets you take your internal communication stories further and work harder.


Our product delivers news articles straight from your intranet or other news platform to a branded app on company or personal mobile devices.


An app made through App:IC does not need a new channel or content management system, instead it complements your existing platforms. Once it is setup, any stories you post to your news platform will move automatically – meaning no extra effort is required – to your app or you can select what news to share.

Frequently asked questions

How secure will my app and information be?


All content is encrypted with AES (advanced encryption standard) before leaving your network. It is only ever stored in fully encrypted format and the decoder is compiled into your app which is set only to your employees mobile devices.


What happens if an employee leaves my organisation?


We can provide an enterprise level mobile device management solution or integrate with your Active Directory if preferred. So whether it’s a company device or an employee’s own you can cut access any time.


What is the difference between push notifications and message notifications?


Message notifications or “badges” are the little red numbers that appear by an app telling you there are updates. Push notifications popup on the phone’s screen to tell you a specific message. With the mobile device management system you can send message that popup and tell people there is new or special content – or even use them for standalone mini notices.

How do employees download the app?


There are several different ways to get your app onto your people’s devices and the solution can fit with or around anything you already have in place but we also provide mobile device management system which will make the process simpler. So you can make the app available for download from your intranet, email it to people, have IT put it on directly, or several other solutions that meet your needs.


How can I measure use of the app?


We can integrate your own measurement system

or set one up for you – the system is very versatile

and will work with anything from Google Analytics

to Omniture.


Will App:IC work for blackberry?


The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it can be complicated so the best thing would be to have a discussion with us to talk through your options.

  • Branding

    Apps are named, designed and branded to match your intranet and/or other communications channels.


    App:IC branding won’t appear anywhere on your app.


  • Design

    There are four different templates for how an app can look or, for additional cost, you can have a completely bespoke design.

  • Tech

    Apps can be built for Windows, Android and iPhone, and can be downloaded on to company or personal handsets. If you’d like to know about Blackberry please get in touch.

  • Security

    Your information is safe – data transmission is completely secure.


  • Push

    An exciting feature is the ability to have push notifications allowing you to draw attention to important messages to employees.

  • No new mouth to feed

    We want to provide you with a new medium to take your existing content further, not a new channel.

  • Remote

    Once content is downloaded it is possible to use the app on trains or planes i.e. without the need for WiFi or cellular connections.

  • Measurement

    Measurement is key and an app built with App:IC is versatile, fitting with your existing analytics tool or have one provided.


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